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I’ve been training with Whylie for nearly two years, but I honestly can’t remember a time when I wasn’t. She has taught me so much about technique, improved my strength massively in my lifts, and has given me so much more  confidence, both on and off the platform.


When I first started training with Whylie I was in the wrong weight category, over trained, struggling with knee pain and wasn’t seeing any progression. Within a few months, I was stronger, more energetic, more confident, squatting pain free and able to lift the weights I’d been failing previously.


She always goes above and beyond, and cares about what is happening outside of the gym that may impact my training, and takes this into account when doing my programme. Most importantly, we lift heavy and we always have fun doing it. 


- Debbie .

I didn't know how strong I could be until I met Whylie she approached me one day in the gym and gave me my reason to be there. 


I've been a frequent gym goer for a long time and my goal was always weight loss focused but through powerlifting  Whylie me that I can have other goals in the gym, she gave me a new drive and a new focus, I wanted to be strong!  I have learned so much from working with her in person and with her online programmes.  She gives good constructive feedback, has an excellent knowledge of her craft and pushes me to be the best I can be-


She only wants the best for her lifters and the sky's the limit.  My lifts have come on leaps and bounds since working with her and my confidence in the gym has grown.  For anyone wanting confidence in their lifts and to grow their numbers, Whylieis my go to recommendation.


- Sherina .

I’ve been working with Whylie for over two years. She took me from an amateur powerlifter with shoddy form and a low self belief to someone who was able to walk out on that platform with my head held high. She is a professional at all times, totally focused on her goals and helping you reach your own. She sees potential in you even when you don’t and pushes you to be the best you can be. She is supportive of everyone no matter their size, background or goals. 


Her energy and dedication to sport is infectious and I truly believe that anyone who will work her will achieve great things. 


- Kelly .

I started training with  Whylie pretty confident in my own strength and capabilities with the barbell. After only one session, with a few tweaks to my form, Whylie added 20kg to what I had thought was my maximum squat. From there my strength only grew and Whylie coached me to compete in two powerlifting competitions.


Her passion is unmatched and her abilities as a coach are incredible. If you’re serious about gaining strength and having fun doing it then I can not recommend Whyliehighly enough.


- Natalie .

Whylie is one of the BEST coaches. She was with me from day 1 of my programme all the way until competition day. She was there 24/7 whenever I needed her, she’s helped me train around injuries while still progressing my lifts. 

I can’t wait to jump back on competitions again because of her and I can’t wait to see the progress I’ll make training with her!


- Dip .

Before training with Whylie, I wasn’t really getting the consistency that I needed from other Personal Trainers. After one session with Whylie I came away feeling like she understood where I was at and where I wanted to go with my fitness goals.


Whylie is clearly a determined and focused individual and this comes through in her approach. Whylie pushes me in every session, but also takes her time too and is really considered. Alongside each session being fun and enjoyable, they’re educational too. She explains the why behind every exercise which has been invaluable to me.


Whylie is a great trainer, her experience and knowledge is first class and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to level up!”--


- Emma .

Whylie doesn’t just talk the talk, she really has helped me become a stronger, more confident lifter & I can’t recommend her enough 🏻


She set me up on a personalised strength programme and taught me correct form for exercises I thought I was doing correctly for years (can confirm I was not haha). Being a hybrid athlete meant she was also able to teach me Olympic lifting as well as bodybuilding - something I’ve really enjoyed! She has answered questions and checked up on me outside our sessions & even kept me motivated throughout lockdown. 


- Maryam .

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