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Whylie is a London based Personal Trainer who specialises in Strength and condition training as well as coaching Powerlifting and weightlifting to both men and women.


She is also an ex sprinter, and throughout the years she has dabbled in several sports.  She started weight training so she could become stronger mentally, emotionally and of course physically.


When she started weight training, she then discovered Powerlifting and Olympic lifting, she is now known as a Hybrid athlete who competes at a high standard in both sports.


Over the years she has managed to condition herself to be able to compete in both sports successfully and medalling in both. She is currently a silver medalist for 2019 Grand Prix English Championships (Olympic lifting).  This is a huge achievement for herself and she still has so much more to achieve. 

Whylie as a Coach.

Whylie has been a coach for more than six years, and has helped many clients
achieve their goals. She treats each client as an athlete by providing coaching,
training and programming for their individual needs and goals.

Whylie delivers a service for beginners, teaching them to lift correctly and have a better understanding of each lift, to ensure they are lifting safely whilst achieving their goals. She also provides coaching for those who want to become fit, strong and healthy for a better quality of life.


Whylie has also coached elite athletes, providing them with strength and condition sessions, that help them counterbalance their chosen sport. She believes that the most important thing she can do is to help you learn how to move and lift a bar correctly before adding weight. Once you know how to do those two things your strength and confidence will also build.

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