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We lift & we live provides Online coaching for beginners who exercise at home. We offer programs to those who train in the gym & want to get stronger. We also provided tailored strength & conditioning programs for athletes.  If you are looking to compete in powerlifting or Olympic lifting our programs can help you progress on to the platform.


We work remotely to help you develop your lifting & help you achieve your goals. In our first consultation, we will discuss your lifting/ sporting background & any injuries you have or had so we can have a full understanding of you. It’s essential we work together & stay in close contact throughout the process so I can provide you with the support you deserve while on a We lift & we live program. 


  • Home training program - £25 per week 

  • Gym training program - £30 per week 

  • 8 week hybrid program - £140 per month 

  • 12 week powerlifting program - £140 per month 

  • 12 week Olympic lifting program - £140 per month 

  • Tailored program - £50 per week 

  • Tailored program + 1 session - £280 per month 

All programs include video analysis & feedback to help you progress each lift technically. Weekly check-ins to discuss your progression & any questions you have about the program.


If you are interested in any of the programmes listed above please fill out the enquiry form to discuss which programme would best suit your needs.

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