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We lift & we live provides Online coaching for beginners who exercise at home. We offer programs to those who train in the gym & want to get stronger. We also provided tailored strength & conditioning programs for athletes.  If you are looking to compete in powerlifting or Olympic lifting our programs can help you progress on to the platform.


We work remotely to help you develop your lifting & help you achieve your goals.

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Whylie has been a coach for more than six years and has helped many clients achieve their goals. She treats each client as an athlete by providing coaching, training and programming for their individual needs and goals.

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We lift provide workshops for those who already have an
understanding of lifting, from beginners through to the elite.


Each workshop only focusses on one lift at a time to ensure you go away understanding how to lift correctly, how to progress, program and coach that lift.


We provide a safe place where you can learn while you lift, with no judgment, negativity or pressure

We also offer workshops for sports teams to help enhance their training and gain knowledge of how lifting can benefit them as an athlete.

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